Upcoming Events


You can learn more about Empath Evolution and meet us at one of our events.

We hold local live presentations, speak at community events, offer in-person workshops and finally, we have community events and programs available online for your convenience.

Attend an awakening event

An exclusive event to gain deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions and your energy body.

This is an interactive and experiential event introduces new concepts and tools to live your most authentic life feeling powerful, strong and loved.

Learn within our workshops

Our workshops bring a blend of insights, tools and teachings related to energy dynamics, personal healing and the beauty of inner connection.

It’s time to bring positive awareness, connection and joy into your experience.

Come meet us at a local event

We often have vendor table or present at wellness events and expos.  Our topics are diverse and, always an introduction to energy dynamics.

It’s time to navigate beyond the negativity to deeper levels of love, joy and fulfillment.

Expansion to Joy

Coming to
Baldwinsville, NY

Heart and Home Community Room
12 Oswego Street in Baldwinsville, NY


Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
10am-12pm or, 4pm-6pm

Coming to
Syracuse, NY

Genesee Grande
1060 Genesee Street, Syracuse,


Thursday, April 9th, 2020
10am-12pm or, 4pm-6pm

Speaker at a Local Event

Syracuse Psychic Festival

Holiday Inn
Electronics Parkway
, Liverpool, NY

Lecture on Sunday at 1pm – “Loving Your Life”
February 15 & 16,  2020 |11am – 6pm

Empowerment Workshops

Embracing Energetic Sensitivity

Institute of Spiritual Development
41-45 Dietz Street, Oneonta, NY 13820

Workshop Training
Sunday, February 2, 2020
12am – 2:30pm

Description of Workshop

Looking within: Preparing Yourself as a World Server

Do you find yourself absorbing the negative emotions of others?

Our teacher, Michelle J. Howe, reveals practical understanding and wisdom that allows empaths to get beyond struggles, challenges & negativity in our lives. Her unique tools & healing vibrations guide you to empowerment & self-love.

Are you ready to understand energetic sensitivity?

Michelle J. Howe brings deeper insight, awareness and wisdom to the topic of “energetic sensitivity.” Michelle reveals practical understanding and wisdom that allows you to navigate beyond struggles, challenges and negativity in your life. She shares healing vibrations, tools and guidance to brighten your light at home, at work and in relationships. This workshop is designed to be engaging and interactive – guiding your path to emotional empowerment, self-love and fulfillment.

Energetic Sensitivity

Omega Institute
150 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Workshop Intensive
October 5 – 9, 2020

Description of Workshop

Energetic Sensitivity
    Navigating Your Unique Path

Do you secretly struggle with your emotions and moods?
Do you enjoy spending time alone and avoid crowds?
Do you deal with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed?

If those questions resonate with you in some way then, it’s time to embrace your awakening journey.

Designed for personal and professional empowerment for those who are awakening professionals, empaths or deep feelers, this workshop shares fundamental truths, insights and tools to walk a clearer (calmer, brighter, more joyful) path.

It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of energetic sensitivity, personal power, vibrational resonance and much more.  This workshop introduces you to new concepts, tools and vibrations that strengthen your mind, expand your heart and lighten your way forward as you advance on your unique path.

Michelle integrates high-vibrational teachings within a sacred and safe space with you.  This powerful workshop is designed to be interactive with plenty of time for questions, experientials, introspection, guided meditations and more.

Workshop teachings, tools & techniques include:

Energetic Sensitivity – Basic to Intermediate Principles

Awakening Journey – Phases, Process & Priorities

Inner Connection – Harmony Within Yourself

Energy Dynamics I – Polarity, Balance & Flow

Energy Dynamics II – Personality, Shadows & Spirit

Discernment – Empathy, Sympathy & Compassion

Relationships – Mirrors, Strategies & Lessons

Expansive Leadership of Tomorrow


In this workshop, you will learn:

To embrace the path and process of awakening.

To love, trust and value yourself and your sensitivity.

To embrace your intuitive gifts and connection to Spirit.

To better navigate drama, setbacks and challenges in life.

To create stability, strength and safety within yourself.

To understand and know yourself at deeper levels.

To accept, receive and speak without apology.

To transmute limiting beliefs and patterns.

To clear your energy body and chakras.


Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, bring a private journal and allow themselves to relax in a safe learning environment.