The most challenging times bring priceless growth.

This is the time of awakenings

What does this mean? 

This means it’s time to LOOK DEEPER at life, at circumstances and at yourself.

It’s time to see the irony within the constant stream of struggles and challenges.  It’s time to seek empowerment on all levels.

Life's Ups & Downs

We fortify and strengthen ourselves by numbing our feelings – constantly finding ways to mask, ignore or avoid what we do not fully understand about ourselves.  We often see “our feeling side” as a weakness because its not rational and seems complicate our life.  Instead, it’s time to take embrace all sides of us – to expand our mind and embody new levels of awareness and inner connection.   

Being an Empath is about
soul to soul connection.

A skilled and wise Empath has the ability to help others.  An Empath does all this “wonder of healing” simply by the holding space with a presence that facilitates a healing exchange of energy.   Friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers share their most intimate stories with an Empath. This wonder of healing is a natural gift that is often not noticed because it’s subtle energy.

Subtle energy is what what you feel when you are absorbing rays from the sun, sitting by the ocean or hiking in the woods.  Subtle energy is what you feel when you hold a new baby in your arms.  Subtle energy is exchanged between lovers gazing at each other across the room.  Subtle energy is everywhere when you are paying attention.

Subtle energy is not seen – it’s a sensation or feeling.



Empaths walk among us as your child, brother, mother, sister or a friend. Empaths come at various levels of sensitivity and awareness. Empaths are you, me, and we.

Michelle J. Howe



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